Local News: No More Free Bussing?

Heads up mass transit riders, UTA is seeking to eliminate the downtown free-busing zone, a service it is contracted to provide for another 85 years.  In order to do this, UTA has offered the city a $100,000 one-time-payment (the busing service is valued at nearly twice that per year) to be put toward a bike-share program, and a small expansion of the Trax free-fare zone.

While UTA is trying to eliminate their service for financial reasons, they also claim that the free busing is being abused by “riffraff” and claimed in a recent tweet that “20% of the people riding were using the system for purposes other than transit. Numerous incidents of criminal behavior.”

The City Council refused UTA’s above offer, but responded by saying that would be open to trading away the free-busing zone for something they believe makes a more equitable trade.  Do you think the City Council should agree to give up the free-fare zone?  What would be appropriate compensation from UTA?

For more information on this, check out this article from the Tribune: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/54314144-78/free-uta-fare-service.html.csp