The Dirty Secrets of United States Colonization: The Mexico/US Border

We are indigenous no european borders

There are so many ways that the United States perpetuates catastrophes along the Mexico/US border, so here are a few in brief.


The United States creates “illegal” immigration every day. It starts with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which eliminated tariffs between Canada, the US, and Mexico, allowing for marvelous “free trade”. This has been destructive for Mexico, leading to American companies sending machine parts to Mexico to be assembled cheaply (i.e. sweat shop conditions) and shipped right back. These are called Maquiladoras, where mostly impoverished women work. In the city of Juarez, near the border, women are raped and murdered on their way to and from these Maquiladoras at disturbing rates. Agriculture in Mexico has plummeted, as farmers are forced to drop the prices of their products due to United States agriculture subsidies that cause US corporations to monopolize the market. These dreadful conditions caused by the US leads people, not surprisingly, to cross over the border to try and live prosperously.

Instead of acknowledging any kind of fault, the US criminalizes these immigrants, detaining them without representation, deporting them, and of course, killing them at the border. Ironic, considering almost the whole of the western United States was once Mexico, and only belongs to the US now, because, to put it bluntly, they wanted it. They saw Mexico was a weaker nation, and they wanted to own land from coast to coast.


The last territorial acquisition of the US was the Gadsden Purchase, which expanded the border of Arizona and Mexico further south. As per usual, the Natives of the area were completely undermined. The Tohono O’Odham Nation resides on the Sonora desert, between Arizona and Mexico, so the border slices the nation in two arbitrary chunks. Tribal members were not granted dual citizenship. Increased militarization of the border has lead to tribal members not being able to traverse their nation as they wish. They are stopped by border patrol and physically separated from their families and ritual sites. The O’Odham are forced to spend their limited funds handling increasing immigration through the desert, and receive 1/3 of what they are spending in subsidies from the US government.

Increasing immigration through the desert has caused alleged tensions between the O’Odham and migrants. And as time goes on, their nation becomes a police state under the guise of border enforcement.


The increasing traffic of immigrants entering through the desert is a direct result of increased border militarization, including, but not limited to watchtowers, drone surveillance, and that abominable wall, that have created a funnel effect. So where those entering through the desert was once a couple of hundred per day, now it is more like 1500. US Border Patrol have participated in disgusting acts against humanity, such as slashing water jugs left by humanitarians along desert trails. In other words, one of United States’ tactics to reduce traffic is to kill them. The US has put these policies in place- forced people to trek through the dangerous desert- in hopes that they die, thus reducing the likelihood of people crossing in the future. But NAFTA policies are still in place, the Mexican economy still crumbling, and the US has done nothing to address those root causes.

There is a direct correlation number of boots on the border and the number of border deaths. So to support more “border security” is in a very direct way, supporting more deaths. Increased spending on border security equals more corpses in the desert- women, children, men, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, cousins… With less migrants entering through the border than before, the deaths at the border remain the same- meaning that the US government has been killing more people. So when the militarization of the Mexico/US border is referred to as murderous, it is not an exaggeration.

I’ll leave you with one final thought. There is no, US Drone Services, Inc. directly funded by taxpayer dollars. There is a military industrial complex that makes money off of building fences, building drones, and building watchtowers. The militarization is clearly a bandaid- a murderous, evil, disgusting, bandaid that doesn’t acknowledge the root causes of “illegal” immigration. Now that that has been made clear- one is forced to ask, who benefits from border enforcement expansion? Where do all those precious taxpayer dollars go? In the pockets of those corporations that provide these vile services. I encourage you to try and find out how many of their interests are sitting in congressional seats.

There are many companies that gladly make money off of killing innocent people. There are even expos where these companies can table and promote their services. It’s nothing short of horrifying.



One thought on “The Dirty Secrets of United States Colonization: The Mexico/US Border

  1. It so sad people do this to other humans I have a lot to go through since I have a lot of beautiful best friends who r Mexican and there parents came here it hurts me like crap 😥

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