Bipartisanship: Ruining America and Your Brain

Bipartisanship caters to human’s natural binary thinking. We take comfort in the belief that there is always a right and wrong, a left and right, a black and white, etc. We hate cognitive dissonance. It is frustrating to acknowledge that both sides of an issue can be a little right, or that both sides are a little wrong. It makes decision making more difficult and critical analysis more necessary.

Blossoming out of that, we see our not-so-lovely two party system. The left tells all minorities and working class that they are progressive and will fight for their interests. The right tells those in positions of privilege that they will not allow them to be unfairly treated and inhibited in the spirit of “progressiveness”. In action, both sides don’t really differ that much. Rhetorically, elected officials say vastly different things and publicize vastly different agendas. hip inhibits your ability to reason. It was found that people executing math problems, story problems, were literally unable to solve the same problem if the answer went against their political affiliation. It literally makes sheep out of the populous. Otherwise intelligent people find that they can no longer reason for themselves. Bipartisanship makes people completely dependent on the agenda of the party to make their moral and political decisions for them. Humans are herd animals, group think is a large manipulator of how we develop opinions. So we need to be careful of this wherever we can. 

So, if you want to participate politically, do not affiliate with a party. Don’t even look at the hot-button issues that the parties throw at you as their template for who is right and who is wrong. Do some deeper digging into the morality and expertise of the people you are voting for, regardless of which of the two parties they affiliate with.

But ultimately, they both lie. They both manipulate and deceive. This is because both parties work within the same government to perpetuate the same incremental, bureaucratic, minimal changes that have always occurred  The structure never changes. The roots causes of oppression are never acknowledged. The two-party system exists to make people feel like they have a voice, when really the people haven’t had a voice in the way the government runs things in a long time. But that is an entirely different conversation.


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